280,000+ Annual Participation Hours
400,000+ Annual Entry Swipes into the SRWC
250+ Student Employees (2nd largest on campus)
  • Adventure Center

    Adventure Center

    Recreating outdoors supports wellness in the mind, body, and community.  Join us on an outdoor adventure for a safe and fun boost to your well-being.

  • Group X Classes

    Group X Classes

    Group X classes are instructor-led group workouts designed to help participants reach their fitness goals. These classes cater to any fitness level and are offered in a variety of different formats to meet everyone’s needs.

  • Club Sports

    Club Sports

    Club sports are student organizations formed by students with a common interest and desire to participate in a specific sport or activity. Club sports can best be described as the combining the team elements of varsity athletics with the recreational atmosphere of intramural sports.

  • Facility Rentals

    Facility Rentals

    Looking for a place to hold your event, game, meeting, program or special event? We offer many options at our Recreation and Wellness Services facilities. 

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

    Mindfulness & Meditation

    Discover how to incorporate mindfulness skills and meditation into your life to better manage stress.

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Native American Land Acknowledgement

In the beginning, there was the land. Upon the land walked the Nations of the Delaware, Miami, Mingo, Ottawa, Shawnee, Wyandot and Cayuga. From a place known as Standing Rock, a sacred rock formation in the Cuyahoga River, to the land known as Kent, these peoples lived, hunted, and traded, all the while learning respect for one another, as well as teaching respect for ALL things. Therefore, we ask you now to move beyond words into our facilities, programs, and services, with actions that fully embody a commitment and respect to your education.